Project-Status prerelease phase

We link to and Global Priorities Institute. We are no official representatives or have any legal means to justify this link except everything below.

We recommend the cooperation between Ocean Hero and ecosia search engines with the Global Priorities Institute to develop an interlink system (a search engine) that optimizes altruistic data management and access (inclusion, safety) and later on also emergency response as well as catastrophe prevention – software architectures.

 As we don't know of a better model to initiate / motivate such communication we propose the at the time being.    

They intend to explore possible models of intelligent operations between any type of complex interacting (and self-interacting) systems (their dynamics, pertubation, mathematics..) in order to optimize practical efficiency in the use for humane life qualities and research&art environments. They propose a renormalization gauge. This can be done as easy as implementing a system that provides 1$ of unconditional income to every being on earth. If this rudimentary structure is formed, the functionality will emerge from synergies and less complexity overhead that needs to be managed. An many people will be able to share a part of their dollar, (and many more need much more then just one dollar) we can operate with the shared dollars as open sum for advancing the system itself and henceby reached out to every one.

The optimal minimal system might be identified as or the page will provide a link to a more advanced version of the theory that was assigned a more effective name. IF you can contribute knowledge of that kind please share your systems so we can build a link network. You can write non-executeable code or natural language to